Content Writer

Content Writer

  • Kochi
  • 15000-20000
  • Full-time

Job Description

As a Content Writer at ZLYLZ, you will play a crucial role in our digital marketing efforts by creating high-quality, engaging, and relevant content to drive brand awareness, engage the target audience, and support overall marketing objectives. The ideal candidate should have a strong command of the English language, excellent writing skills, and a passion for creating compelling content. Responsibilities: 1. Content Creation: · Develop and create content for various digital platforms, including websites, blogs, social media, email campaigns, and more. · Craft engaging and informative articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and other marketing collateral. 2. SEO Optimization: · Conduct keyword research and integrate SEO best practices to ensure content is optimized for search engines. · Collaborate with the SEO team to implement on-page SEO strategies. 3. Content Strategy: · Work closely with the digital marketing team to develop content strategies aligned with business goals and target audience preferences. · Keep abreast of industry trends and competitor activities to enhance content relevance. 4. Collaboration: · Collaborate with graphic designers, marketing managers, and other stakeholders to ensure content aligns with brand guidelines and marketing objectives. 5. Social Media Engagement: · Create compelling social media content to enhance brand visibility and engagement. · Monitor and respond to audience feedback and comments on social media platforms. 6. Content Editing: · Edit and proofread content to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to brand voice and style guidelines. 7. Analytics and Reporting: · Utilize analytics tools to measure the performance of content and make data-driven decisions for optimization. 8. Stay Informed: · Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to enhance content quality and relevance. Requirements: 1. Education: · Bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, Marketing, or a related field. 2. Experience: · Proven experience as a content writer, preferably in a digital marketing setting. · Portfolio of previous work showcasing diverse content types and styles. 3. Skills: · Exceptional writing and editing skills. · Familiarity with SEO best practices. · Strong research and analytical skills. · Creativity and the ability to think strategically. 4. Tools: · Proficiency in content management systems (CMS) and familiarity with SEO tools. 5. Adaptability: · Ability to adapt to fast-paced environments and meet tight deadlines. 6. Team Player: · Excellent collaboration and communication skills. 7. Digital Marketing Knowledge: · Understanding of digital marketing concepts and strategies. Join ZYLYZ and be part of a dynamic team where your creativity and expertise will contribute to the success of our digital marketing initiatives. We offer a challenging and rewarding work environment with opportunities for professional growth. Qualification: Experience: 2+ Years Experience. -Educational Background: A bachelor's degree in English, journalism, communications, marketing, or a related field is often preferred. However, some employers may consider candidates with equivalent work experience or specialized training. - Strong Writing Skills: Exceptional writing skills are crucial. Content writers should be able to create clear, engaging, and error-free content that aligns with the brand's voice and tone. Understanding of SEO: Familiarity with search engine optimization (SEO) principles is important. Content writers should know how to incorporate relevant keywords naturally into their content to improve search engine rankings. - Digital Marketing Knowledge: A basic understanding of digital marketing concepts, including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and online advertising, is beneficial. This knowledge helps writers create content that aligns with overall marketing strategies. - Creativity: Creative thinking is crucial for generating original and engaging content. Content writers should be able to come up with innovative ideas and approaches to capture the audience's attention. - Editing and Proofreading Skills: Attention to detail is key. Content writers should be adept at proofreading and editing their own work to ensure high-quality, error-free content. - Time Management: The ability to meet deadlines is important in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Content writers should be organized and efficient in managing their time. - Portfolio :A strong portfolio showcasing a variety of writing samples, preferably in different formats and styles, can significantly enhance your chances of securing a content writing position If you meet the above qualifications and are passionate about driving business growth, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Please submit your resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience to

Job Overview

  • Location : Kochi
  • Job nature : Full-time
  • Salary : 15000-20000