Media Production Associate

Media Production Associate

  • Kochi
  • 16000-25000
  • Full-time

Job Description

The role of a Media Production Associate involves contributing to the creation of various media content, such as videos, audio recordings, or other multimedia projects. Here are the typical responsibilities and qualifications associated with this role: Minimum Experience : 0-1 years Responsibilities: 1. Content Creation: - Assist in the production of multimedia content, including videos, podcasts, commercials, or other digital media projects. - Collaborate with producers, directors, and other team members to bring creative concepts to life. 2.Pre-Production Tasks: - Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute ideas to the creative process. - Assist with scriptwriting, storyboarding, and planning for productions. 3.Production Assistance: - Set up and operate cameras, lighting, and audio equipment during shoots. - Manage equipment and ensure it is in working order. - Assist with on-set logistics and coordination. 4.Post-Production Tasks: - Edit video or audio content using editing software. - Add graphics, effects, and other elements to enhance the final product. - Collaborate with editors and post-production teams. 5. Media Management: - Organize and manage media assets, including footage, audio files, and graphics. - Create and maintain a media library for easy retrieval of assets. 6.Technical Support: - Provide technical support during shoots or recording sessions. - Troubleshoot equipment issues and ensure technical quality. 7.Collaboration: - Work closely with other team members, such as graphic designers, writers, and producers, to ensure a cohesive and high-quality end product. 8.Quality Control: -Conduct quality checks on final products to ensure they meet the required standards. 9.Research: - Stay updated on industry trends, new technologies, and best practices in media production. Qualifications: 1. Educational Background: - A bachelor's degree in film production, media studies, communications, or a related field is often preferred. 2.Technical Skills: - Proficiency in operating cameras, lighting equipment, and audio recording devices. Knowledge of video and audio editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Audacity). 3.Creativity: - A creative mindset with the ability to contribute innovative ideas to projects. 4.Communication Skills: - Strong verbal and written communication skills for effective collaboration. 5.Detail-Oriented: - Attention to detail, especially in post-production editing and quality control. 6.Problem-Solving Skills: - Ability to troubleshoot technical issues and find solutions on the fly. 7.Organization: - Strong organizational skills to manage media assets and project timelines. 8.Team Player: - Ability to work collaboratively within a team and adapt to different roles as needed. Adaptability: - Ability to adapt to changing project requirements and tight deadlines. 9. Portfolio: - A portfolio showcasing previous work and demonstrating skills in media production. 10.Experience: - Previous experience in media production, video editing, or related roles is often beneficial. A Media Production Associate is a key contributor to the creative process and the overall success of media projects. The qualifications mentioned above provide a foundation for individuals to excel in this dynamic and creative role.

Job Overview

  • Location : Kochi
  • Job nature : Full-time
  • Salary : 16000-25000