Office Admin cum Accounts

Office Admin cum Accounts

  • Kochi
  • 16000-25000
  • Full-time

Job Description

"Office Admin cum Accounts" typically refers to a role that combines responsibilities related to office administration and accounting. Individuals in this role often have diverse tasks that contribute to the smooth functioning of an office environment. Here are some common responsibilities associated with the "Office Admin cum Accounts" role: Minimum Experience : 0-1 years 1. Administrative Tasks: -Managing office supplies and ensuring that necessary resources are available. Coordinating and scheduling appointments, meetings, and events. - Handling incoming calls, emails, and other communications. Maintaining and organizing office files and records. - Managing office equipment and ensuring it is in good working condition. - Assisting with travel arrangements and accommodations for employees, if required. 2.Accounts and Finance: - Processing invoices and maintaining accurate financial records. Reconciling bank statements and monitoring transactions. - Managing petty cash and preparing expense reports. Assisting in the preparation of financial reports and budgets. - Handling payroll administration, including calculating salaries and managing timesheets. Collaborating with external accountants or auditors during audits, if necessary. 3.Communication and Coordination: - Liaising with internal teams and external stakeholders. - Communicating with vendors, clients, and customers regarding financial matters. Facilitating communication between different departments within the organization. 4. Compliance and Regulations: - Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations in accounting practices. - Keeping abreast of changes in accounting standards and implementing them as necessary. 5.Software Proficiency: - Utilizing accounting software for bookkeeping and financial management. -Competence in using office productivity tools such as Microsoft Office or Google Workspace. 6.Problem Solving: - Resolving administrative and financial issues that may arise in the day-to-day operations. Combining office administration and accounting skills in one role can be beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses where employees are expected to wear multiple hats. Individuals in this position need to be organized, detail-oriented, and have a good understanding of both administrative and financial processes. They should also be proficient in relevant software tools and possess strong communication skills.

Job Overview

  • Location : Kochi
  • Job nature : Full-time
  • Salary : 16000-25000